Unable To Import Access Database In Excel 2013 , How Can I Solve This issue?

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asked Jul 11, 2018 in MS Access Issues by James

Hey guys,

Can you just help me out, in importing data from Access Database file to blank Excel spreadsheet?  As, I am trying hard to do so but the import function doesn’t seems to work. Each time I select the database file which I want to import, the windows get shutdown. I have tried every possible solution to import data from Access Database To Excel 2013 but each time I caught the same result.

So, if anyone has any other solutions then do share your solution in this link, as I am eagerly waiting for its fixes.

1 Answer

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answered Jul 11, 2018 by lucy (980 points)

Well it’s not that tough task to import Access Database To Excel but if still you are getting this then try out the following manual steps.  

Well you can set up a dynamic connection between your Access database and your Excel workbook. You can refresh the connection to get latest updates from the database

  • Make use of the Excel's Get & Transform (Power Query) experience to get easy connect to the access database. Well you can import tables or queries and transform your data if needed.
  • Tap to the data tab and then Get Data > From Database > From Microsoft Access Database. If in case you don’t find such Get Data button, then click New Query > From Database > From Access.
  • Now in the import data dialog box, make a search for or just type the file URL to import. Or link to a file.
  • Follow the steps in the navigator dialog box to connect to the table or query as per your choice.
  • Click Load or Edit.

Hopefully, this seems helpful to you.

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