What Types Of Security Are Available With A Microsoft Access Database?

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asked May 27, 2017 in MS Access Issues by Enrik
Before approaching for Microsoft Access database use I want to know that is it completely secure. What kind of security does this application provide? So, if anyone having knowledge on this then please share it me! I will be greatly thankful to you all.

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answered May 27, 2017 by lucy (980 points)

Previous or older versions of Access supports an access security methodology called the System Database. The system database is a separate database from the access database file and held security related information and permissions. Access database administrator would use a tool named the Workgroup Administrator to connect a system database with a specific access database. As the system database allowed the access database administrator to provide usernames, group name  and password along with the users and group specific permission on specific access objects (tables, queries, form, reports, etc.).

But now in the latest version of access uses robust user security generally uses SQL server database back-ends called Access Data Project (.adp). In this security type user’s security can be controlled at a very granular level using SQL Server security. This security type works more efficient methodology for handling security when integrated with Windows security making as compared to the separate usernames and passwords associated with Access System Database.

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