Can Multiple Users Open And Use A Microsoft Access Database At The Same Time?

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asked May 27, 2017 in MS Access Issues by Paulson
I want to know does MS Access database support multiple users’ access at the same time.  As one by one updation of data in access database is quiet time taking procedure.  So, if anyone having idea on this then please shares it with me.

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answered May 27, 2017 by lucy (980 points)

Yes... of course,  multiple access of MS application is allowed in access database. As MS access is a multi-user application and supports multi-user working with a database simultaneously. That means we can easily share the same file with multiple users and allow them access to the forms, reports and data. This one is the great benefit of Microsoft access versus single user applications. This is possible by placing the Access database on a share network drive. So, that multiple users can gain access to make changes to the data.

In Access 2010, the maximum number of users who can use the database at a same piece of time is limited to 255. For better performance and other reasons, it’s better to keep the number of users usage less than the exact configuration of your access database.

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